Toronto Poly Clinic provides Training to Physicians/Medical Students from different specialties.

Theoretical material to understand the physiopathology of pain, along with practical training for pain treatment.

A primary three months supervised training leading to semi-independent, and finally independent pain management practice. Our training is based on the multi-disciplinary pain management philosophy.

We provide exposure to all aspects of pain management including but not limited to: Pharamacotherapy, Psychotherapy, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, Nerve Block Injections, Ligament Strengthening and Alternative Medicine.

Our training encourages membership in Canadian Pain Society, Canadian Academy of Pain Management and American Academy of Pain Management. We follow the requirements of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario for Focused Practice in Pain Management. Physicians are guided to fulfill the credentialing requirements of Canadian Academy of Pain Management.


PACAMeDIC: Advanced clinical skills program:

Medical doctors from different backgrounds and specialties are matched with mentors for learning advanced clinical skills. Physicians in their daily practices are faced with many challenges that need advanced skills to solve them. More and more physicians feel that there is a gap between their formal training and their daily complex clinical challenges. They need more practical tools and skills to solve many of these challenges in their practices. Many physicians around the world may not have access to all the technological advances available in bigger medical centers, yet they face the same challenges each day.

They need advanced skills to make critical decision and provide solutions to their patients. Developing countries and emerging economies are facing rapid expansion of their population. This rapid growth creates new problems and challenges for physicians working in these regions.

From office based procedures to advanced critical care unit techniques, from developing countries remote area clinics to tertiary care specialty hospitals in developed world, physicians feel the need for learning advanced clinical skills. Their reasons and circumstances may vary but their need is the same.

In conventional model of teaching a broad spectrum of skills are covered in clinical training. However, often this generic training proves to be inefficient when the physician is faced with specific real life challenging clinical cases. Unfortunately many times physicians have to learn from their mistakes and patients care suffer the consequences.

In Advanced Clinical Skills Program individualized needs of physicians are matched with the exact type of mentorship programs they need. Physicians from any background of training or region of the world can take part in this innovative way of learning. Each physician would be exposed to both Academic and Community teaching environments to learn how the clinical challenges can be solved in different set ups. This gives the physician the flexibility of applying advanced clinical skills to different scenarios. All the components of this program like its length, depth and details are tailored to the exact needs of each individual physician. Collaborating mentors are selected from the highest ranking Universities in Canada and their collaborating community clinical teaching centers.

Toronto Poly Clinic in collaboration with the University of Toronto has successfully provided this service for more than ten years and is now planning to expand this program to train more physicians from around the world.

PACAMeDIC (registered trade mark) uses enhanced online tools like MEDTUBE (Registered trade mark for online educational medical videos) and live interactive training modules to provide enhanced skills training for physicians. These methods would eliminate barriers to enhanced skills education and create an environment of a global Public Academy of Medicine: PACAMeDIC.