Our centre is actively involved in pain research.
Toronto Poly Clinic (TPC) is a multi-disciplinary pain management centre specialized in multimodality clinical procedures for pain management. Along with the clinical practice, TPC is actively involved in pain science and education, physician training, and research and development in novel methodologies in pain treatment and control. Currently, the TPC’s research department is active in the following areas:

FDA and Health Canada Approved Clinical Trials
TPC’s research department has extensive experience with the United States’ Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Health Canada approved clinical trials on new pain medications and medical devices. Since establishment in year 2002, TPC has successfully conducted a number of approved clinical trials on various medications and medical devices. All clinical trials are being conducted based on the GCP/ICH guidelines and all TPC’s participating research staff are GCP certified. Moreover, TPC has provided training rotations to medical students and specialty residents in pain management as well as principles of medical research.

Research and Development in Novel Technologies
TPC is actively pursuing several R&D programs toward developing novel safe and effective technologies in the area of pain management. One of these programs is centered on a novel technology which is called HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound). HIFU is an energy-based modality in which intensive ultrasound is focused in tissue to give rise to therapeutic effects to treat various diseases and conditions. The treatment is usually performed under appropriate imaging for treatment monitoring and control. HIFU is well-known for a number of encouraging attributes including: non-invasiveness, high treatment precision, low mortality and morbidity, short hospitalization time and low cost.

One of the novel applications of HIFU that is directly related to pain management and control is in precise non-invasive treatment of neural tissue. HIFU has the capability to induce irreversible, as well as, reversible changes in neural tissue. Among others possibilities, this could potentially open up new beneficial treatments and procedures in pain management and anaesthesia. TPC’s interest in HIFU research and development is focused on finding new HIFU applications for neuro-modulation by permanently or temporarily changing the sensory nerve conductions to eliminate and/or reduce pain. It is anticipated that novel non-invasive applications of HIFU in treatment of pain can bring a revolution to this field through helping millions of chronic pain patients around the world.

TPC, in collaboration with distinguished researchers and established academic and industrial research centers, is actively pursuing an advanced research and development program in novel applications of HIFU in pain management, anaesthesia, and neurosurgery. In January 2008, the Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation approved an Ontario Research Fund–Research Excellence (ORF-RE) multi-institution research and development grant with over $25 million in total funding in the area of HIFU technology development and commercialization (for more information visit the ru-logoTPC is one of the Research Collaborators at Ryerson University.

Large Animal Nerve Ablation Studies using HIFU

For more information about TPC’s research activities, contact Dr. Kevin ROD at: (416) 250-7171

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Kim ROD giving a speech at the Canadian Pain Society National Conference, May 2014 Quebec City. The relationship between patient satisfaction and treatment outcomes in community pain clinics. Her observational study is accepted for presentation at the 15th World Congress on Pain, Buenos Aires, October 2014. She is the youngest presenter from Canada in both of these conferences. Good job Kim.