PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Therapy

Our platelets have growth factors that are used by our body to heal cuts. These growth and healing factors can be used now for improving the symptoms of OSTEOARTHRITIC JOINT PAIN, LIGAMENTS and TENDONS INJURIES. Many professional athletes have used this treatment to improve their symptoms, strengthen their joints and get back to their daily professional activities. There are many patients who have early osteoarthritis of KNEES and they are looking for ways to help their condition and avoid it from rapid progression into advanced stage. There are also many patients with advanced osteoarthritis of their knees who are not fit for surgery to replace their knees due to their younger age. These patients can use this treatment to reduce their symptoms and improve their function.


In this procedure 30 to 60 ml of our own blood will be drawn and put into a special centrifuge. By spinning this blood the platelets will be separated and concentrated on one side of the special container. We use the HARVEST Smart PREP2 machine because we believe it produces a very high concentration of platelets.
The highly concentrated platelet plasma, or Platelet Rich Plasma will then be drawn into a syringe and would be injected into the affected sites of the body. We use ultrasound and if needed X-Ray for guidance and precision of our injections at our clinic. By using ultrasound we would be able to assure that the exact and proper location that is affected is being injected. It also prevents any complications of an improper injection which may happen without guidance. We believe that ultrasound guided procedures if done properly, can significantly improve the outcomes of treatments.
This treatment can be used for all arthritic joints, damaged ligaments and tendons around the body.


The idea of PROLOTHERAPY is to inject a substance into the weak or damaged ligaments in order to induce a controlled inflammation that would lead into producing more connective tissue in that area (scaring) and also would induce the healing activities of the local and systemic cells. At our clinic one of the substances that we use is Platelet Poor Plasma which was produced during the PRP preparation process. This plasma has the same effects of inducing controlled inflammation and local healing, but has the advantage of being natural and from the patient’s own blood, which reduces the chances of reactions and rejections. PROLOTHERAPY is also performed at our clinic under ultrasound or X-Ray guidance to improve the precision and results.