Lena Solomon


Lena Solomon is a licensed Psychologist, registered with the College of Psychologists of Ontario (Certificate No. 5470). She is also an active member in good standing of the Canadian Society of Medical Evaluators (CSME). Her areas of practice are Clinical and Rehabilitation Psychology and Clinical Neuropsychology. She completed her specialization training in neuropsychology and clinical rehabilitation in Israel, possessing extensive experience in the field of complex brain injuries and PTSD (pediatrics and adults).

She further continued her clinical neuropsychological training (on a grant for international professional exchange)  at North Shore University Hospital – (Cornell University), as well as in London (GB) at Charring Cross Hospital – Neurospychophysiology Lab (University College London).

She arrived in Canada with over 20 years’ experience, having held senior positions at various hospitals, veteran rehabilitation settings, and other treatment settings in Israel and having taught various University and College level courses, as well as having been involved in research in England and Israel and having produced publications. She worked as a front line psychologist during terrorist attacks and worked with civilian victims of war in real time.

In Canada, she worked extensively for over 11 years, in private practices, performing psychological and neuropsychological assessments, including CAT assessments, and clinical and rehabilitation work with victims of MVAs (pediatrics and adults), veterans, etc., as well as running psychological pain programs. She has to date, accumulated over 30 years of experience, working in three continents.